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Moko Club

Nau mai haere mai ki Moko Club

Welcome to Moko Club

Moko Club is a fun learning space for tamariki.  We are a bilingual learning environment and our philosophy centres on growing and preparing kai. The Club environment ensures that tamariki have a strong sense of belonging, as well as preparing tamariki for their transition to school.

Moko Club Philosophy

We believe tamariki should play and have fun. The Māori philosophy of kaitiakitanga, caring for the environment, others and ourselves is our guiding framework. We provide a positive, nurturing place where tamariki are free to play and explore in a safe and fun way. We welcome all tamariki and their whānau.

Moko Club Locations

Moko Club is currently run from two locations:

Moko Club Huntly

Moko Club Ngāruawāhia

Moko Club Badges

Our system reinforces and provide tamariki with a sense of belonging, mana rangatiratanga, mana whenua, mana atua, mana tangata, mana reo and mana aotūroa. We provide a positive club environment where achievement is acknowledged and recognised.

Kaitiaki badge


Tamariki learn and practice caring for the land, themselves, others, water and all living animals / creatures. We encourage guardianship of our environment, Papatūānuku and each other.  The Kaitiaki badge acknowledges practices and tamariki interest in this space.

Mara Kai badge

Mara Kai

Tamariki learn the importance of natural nutrition,  preparing gardens, planting and harvesting kai and understanding where food comes from.  The Mara Kai badge acknowledges learning and retaining knowledge of gardening and healthy eating.  It is also important for subsidising the household with home grown food.

Rangatira badge


Tamariki are encouraged to think outside the square, become good role models and make good decisions.  The Rangatira badge acknowledges and recognises self determination, self awareness and how to interact with each other and build strong relationships.  Leadership can be demonstrated in many ways. 

Toi Māori badge

Toi Māori

Tamariki learn to reconnect and find a sense of belonging through Māori visual arts, patterns and designs.  Toi Māori refers to visual arts in a Māori medium.  Visual arts is a tangible representation of culture alongisde language.  Toi Māori encourages learning about cultural heritage, values and beliefs.  Toi Māori can be represented in many media.

Whakaari badge


Tamariki are encouraged to learn waiata, karanga, whaikōrero, kapa haka, mau rākau and dance through performing arts to explore different forms of expression.  Toi Whakaari offers tamariki a platform for performance and exploring movement.  

Tinana badge


Tamariki learn about nutrition, looking after their bodies, their emotional and mental well being and health.  Acknowledging and looking after our physical body impacts on cognitive, emotional and spiritual development. 

Kaiako assess individual learning and development and acknowledge tamariki who have shown an interest and demonstrated learning in these key areas.

Assessment and Learning

We are a bi-cultural and bi-lingual Club. Therefore we value the importance of whānau aspirations for their tamaiti. A collaborative approach to planning and learning, and a deeper understanding of your tamaiti is welcomed. We invite whānau to become involved in all aspects of your tamaiti learning journey as well as helping to inform our learning environment.

These are achieved through:

Club Pukapuka

Each tamaiti will have a profile book which captures the learning and development your child is achieving in a fun and exciting way. We encourage whānau to view these books and add any comments to strengthen their learning.

Story Park

This is a secure online sharing platform that allows us to share any learning captured in their Club Pukapuka. You are able to invite other whānau members to view and add comments to your tamaiti learning stories. When your tamaiti moves on from Moko Club, Story Park learning is still available to you.

Ko Wai Au/Whakapapa Forms

On enrolment you will be given these forms to complete. This will help us gain an understanding and sharing of knowledge between home and Moko Club. At Matariki we will circulate an additional Ko Wai Au form allowing for the growth of knowledge between whānau and Moko Club as your tamaiti grows.


We believe in providing experiential learning. Moko Club plans different trips throughout the year. Whānau will be kept informed of these trips and are always welcome to attend and share the experience together. Adult help is required for trips to maintain adult to child ratios as part of our risk management. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you.


We hold a number of events throughout the year to celebrate and recognise different occasions. Examples of this are Matariki, Koroneihana, Whānau Events and Christmas. We find these are a great way to bring our Moko Club whānau together and build our Moko Club relationships. We often look for different ways to fundraise for Moko Club at these events and it ends up being great fun and everyone leaves with a full puku.

Policies and Procedures

We review our policies on a regular basis. Part of this process is getting feedback from whānau to strengthen and inform our policies and procedures. These documents for review are either located on the Moko Club van or in the club, at the sign in desk. You can access all policies at Moko Club.

Our Badges

We acknowledge skills and recognise tamariki learning through assessment of dispositions and child inquiry. Some of our key values are reflected in the Moko Club Badge system. The current badges are based on the following Māori principles and practices:

Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga, Mara Kai, Rangatiratanga, Tinana, Toi Māori and Toi Whakaari.

Meet the Team


Our Enrolment Process

Whānau who are interested in enroling their tamariki at Moko Club are welcome to visit.

You can enrol via the following methods:

1. Call us on Freephone: 0508 MOKO NZ or 0508 665 669

2. Visit in person:
Moko Club Huntly - 19 Paki Street
Moko Club Ngāruawāhia - 26 George Street

3. Enrol online using the enrolment form.

Kōwhai Moko Club

If you are interested in enroling your tamariki in a Moko Club please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as we can.
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